Speed or Accuracy? See how ScanOnline helps warehouses get both

Speed or Accuracy? See how ScanOnline helps warehouses get both 1200 630 ScanOnline

It’s no surprise that e-commerce has dramatically altered consumer expectations.  Today’s distribution centers and warehouses must race against the clock to fulfill orders,  within ever-diminishing delivery windows, and still remain accurate as a facility. As a matter of fact, since 2019, 67% of online shoppers expect their orders to be delivered within 2 days or less, a challenge that becomes increasingly difficult in light of high labor turnover rates.

Accelerating order fulfillment within a changing workforce can hinder order accuracy, yet failure to do so can result in lost sales, missed delivery times, and bloated labor costs. To effectively accelerate throughput while boosting order accuracy, picking technologies must favor ease-of-use, adaptable mobility, and workforce connectivity solutions to prevent fulfillment errors.

Understanding the components of Accelerated Order Accuracy

As a Zebra Premier Solutions’ Partner, ScanOnline works with Zebra’s best-in-class solutions, establishing both speed and accuracy in order picking by maximizing…

  • Ease of use – High labor turnover rates in supply chains mean businesses will have to constantly set aside time to train new hires. Consequently, new devices should be user-friendly and familiar to incoming team members. Zebra’s latest generation of mobile computers achieve this goal by integrating Android’s intuitive interface onto a touchscreen device that resembles consumer-grade technologies, ultimately lowering training times for faster deployment and higher accuracy rates within the first week of deployment.
  • Mobility – When operators are able to move throughout the warehouse without losing accessibility to inventory data, they can be more productive anywhere at any time. That means loading dock operators can readily pinpoint incoming inventory; drivers can track delivery times on the go; in-store associates can assist customers in finding products in real-time. Wearable solutions best exemplify intelligent mobility as they maximize mobility without adding extra weight or complex devices into your workforce.
  • Connectivity – By keeping teams and technologies unified through flexible networking options, you can readily alert the workforce of any sudden changes that can impact order fulfillment. Systems such as Workforce Connect close communication gaps by allowing you to notify and reach employees in and out of the warehouse, track picking tasks, and even locate in-transit deliveries to make sure inventory moves smoothly down the supply chain.

By including these three components into your order fulfillment system, overall accuracy and speed are both maximized, producing:

  • Higher throughput values
  • Minimized costs for returned items
  • Lower risks of product shrinkage
  • Improved brand identity

Every operation is inherently unique. To discover a modernization solution that best fits your goals, contact ScanOnline for an in-depth evaluation of your workflows.