RTLS – Real Time Location Systems

RTLS – Real Time Location Systems

Real Time Locationing Systems (RTLS) utilize a combination of receivers and beacons to mark the exact geolocation of anything you want to keep tabs on. Plus, RTLS can provide over-the-air updates on identity, condition, chain-of-custody, among other analytics that matter to you around what you’re tracking. The uses for RTLS technology are for you to decide, but the possibilities for your unique workforce and worksite are not bound by fixed controls. RTLS could be your competitive advantage versus your industry counterparts.

ScanOnline partners with Zebra Technologies to provide real time location systems that are at the very front of this new, exciting industry, which includes the software, hardware and services to deploy at once.

RTLS Hardware Solutions

  • Location Hubs & Sensors
  • RTLS Enabled Tags
  • Label Printers, Supplies & Accessories

RTLS Software Solutions & Industry Use Cases

  • Asset/Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Yard Management Solutions & Material Flow
  • Enterprise Intelligence & Analytics Solutions
  • System Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Industry & Regulation Compliance
  • Site Security & Safety

Professional & Managed Services

  • On-Site Installations/Configurations
  • Client Controlled Deployment Solutions
  • Enterprise Network Managed Services
  • Mobile Device Managed Services