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The Managed Services Group – What We Do

Find out what a managed services provider can help your team with and how our support services fit your situation.  Mobile Device and Wireless LAN proactive monitoring and management.

Zebra WS50 Android – The World’s Smallest all-in-one Android Wearable Mobile Computer

It may be the world’s smallest all-in-one Android wearable mobile computer, yet it lives large in value and performance. This enterprise-class device fits an array of industries and can serve as a critical resource for all of their departments.  Fitted for the wrist, back of the hand, or fingers, while featuring voice recognition and multiple data management options, the WS50 is flexible to meet the way you work.  No host device required.

Zebra Handheld Computers x Microsoft Teams – A Leading Solution for Frontline Worker Collaboration

Zebra Technologies and Microsoft have forged a joint effort to provide a dedicated communication and collaboration solution for Zebra’s rugged mobile handhelds. Zebra’s IoT-ready TC/EC/MC series devices and their PTT feature, combined with the innovative Microsoft Teams enterprise alliance tool, give workers an on-the-go platform for quick chats, file sharing, business database access, item scanning, and much more.

Zebra Rugged Tablets:  Mobile Devices for Any Industry & Every Workforce

No matter the work environment or the conditions within, Zebra Technologies’ rugged tablet portfolio can fit the mold of any industry. Manage, monitor, and maintain critical work functions on-the-go, from the palm of your hand. With both Android and Windows versions available, plus features you can’t find on consumer version products, such as barcode and RFID scanning, Zebra tablets are the essential product for modern, mobile workforces.

How to Clean Zebra Rugged Handheld Devices

To properly disinfect a Zebra mobile computer, expensive tools are not required – just attention to detail and a few everyday items you may already own.  In less than 2 minutes, you’ll get a crash course in how to clean a Zebra Rugged Handheld Device, complements of The ScanOnline Managed Services Group.

How it Works?  Passive RFID

Learn how passive RFID systems gather information on “things” in real time, such as shipments, inventory, equipment, and more.  Understand the components that can make up Zebra’s Passive RFID solutions and how each plays a role in collecting data.

Warehouse Management Bundles

Take on the day with a rugged tablet, software, & services plan, with ScanOnline.

What Can You See, With Zebra Scanners?

To read labels that are torn, worn, or just downright poorly printed, the right scanner makes all the difference. Issues for some, are no match for Zebra barcode scanners. Find a scanner that fits even the most challenging work environments and in a form factor that best integrates with your daily workflows.

Zebra’s ET5x Series: ET50, ET51, ET55 & ET56

Consumer devices are inadequate for enterprise uses, due to lower CPU processing and a lack of features built for daily work operations. Ultra-rugged tablets are meant to be stationary in vehicles more than mobile, as their weight can be burdensome. What’s the happy medium?  Zebra’s ET5x Series are the lightweight, yet durable option that includes everything the modern enterprise needs to operate numerous job-related tasks.

The Great Mobile OS Migration – A Race from Windows to Android

By January 2020, Windows Mobile Operating Systems for ruggedized handheld devices will reach their end of support.  What does this mean for you?  Watch our short clip to learn more about what the next generation of mobile computing has in store for you and how (and why)  Android is becoming the market share leader.

Zebra’s MC9300 – Android-Ready, Ultra Rugged Design, Combining the Best of Day’s Past and Today’s Handheld Innovations

For warehouses and manufacturing plants worldwide, an epic change is here.  Android is found within 80% of all new devices today at the workplace and Windows legacy systems are fading to black, reaching their end of support in January 2020.  Utilizing the tried and true functionality and familiarity of yesterday, combined with the computing power, screen resolution, scanning ability and user experiences demanded today, the MC9300 is a generational device that bridges eras together.

Zebra’s L10 Slate Tablet, Presented by ScanOnline

New in 2019 to the Zebra Technologies’ portfolio, the Xplore tablet line is here to provide an even wider set of handheld devices, to meet the specific demands across more industries than ever before. The L10’s powerful internal specs set (Intel-ready), including wireless connectivity (wifi or mobile carriers available), enables end users to manage an array of work tasks wherever the day takes them. Coupled with ScanOnline’s professional and managed services, the L10 Slate can be the virtual mobile workstation of dreams without integration and support pitfalls. Bring the power of IoT, your business systems and important applications into any department.

Modernizing the Warehouse with ScanOnline & Zebra Technologies

Few areas of business are undergoing the IoT transformations that warehousing have… and continue to undergo. With more information available at our fingertips than ever before, customers and businesses now demand complete visibility on the entire process behind the comings and goings of products. An intertwined, digitally connected warehouse depends on a carefully curated web of hardware, software and services to make it run. ScanOnline is the integrator and provider of not only Zebra Technologies’ Android ready mobile devices, but the partner you need to bring the right software and services into the mix to be an end-to-end powerhouse of warehouse production.

Zebra TC52/57 & TC72/77 – Rugged, Reliable Mobile Computers, Presented by ScanOnline

The rugged TC52 Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing for workers inside the four walls.

Why Extreme Networks?

Produced by our partners, this short clip describes the many ways that Extreme Networks impacts the digital world, becoming one of the primary providers in everything enterprise network infrastructure in the process.

ScanOnline & Zebra’s Total Warehouse Mobility Solutions

To be a mobile, wireless warehouse, you need a provider that can cover all areas that make it so. With Zebra and ScanOnline at your back, you can have the mobile workforce and network tech you need from end-to-end to operate seamlessly around the movements of your warehouse.

MC3300 – A Device for All Industry

When it comes to features and options, this best-in-class, Android-ready device delivers, offering the lightest and most ergonomic design, the biggest touchscreen, the most keypad options, unmatched scanning performance and range, the fastest processor, the most memory, the fastest wireless connections and more.

Mobile Operating Systems – Why App Performance and OS Migration Matter

With most Windows legacy OS platforms being phased out, the enterprise space is moving rapidly to Android – also the market share leader in all mobility. See why app performance in Android will change the way work sites navigate and manage their tasks forever vs a traditional Windows OS.

ScanOnline & Zebra: Business Visibility That’s Visionary

( To turn the corner at any level of business, you integrate tech into every aspect of your workplace and workflows to stay connected, productive and nimble to real-time activities happening across your entire organization.

Zebra’s ZT600 Series – Evolved, Industrial Printing

ScanOnline continues to supply only the best-in-class mobile, desktop and industrial enterprise printers available to market – as seen through Zebra’s ZT600 series.

Android for Work: The Great OS Migration

Mobility at work is moving into a new age of familiarity and simplicity by pivoting primarily to Android Operating Systems.  With over 80% of all mobile users on the platform, it’s no wonder.

Zebra’s TC51 & TC56 – A Sleek Design; Smoother Operator

Built for the new business world, the TC5x Series offers an industrial design that looks and feels like the most popular consumer-style smartphones to meet worker expectations, along with the durability, enterprise-class features, power, security and manageability your business requires.

Total Wearable Solutions for Industrial Mobile Workforces

With the WT6000 Industrial Mobile Computer, RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner and the HS3100 headset, the operations of industrial employees just got a whole lot easier.

Zebra WiNG 5 WLAN for the Supply Chain

Transportation and Logistics is a rugged, fast paced industry. WiNG 5 WLAN keeps up.


Red dot winning, mobile handheld computing design, that provides incredible gains in productivity within industrial settings.

Zebra 3600 Ultra Rugged Scanner Series

To operate at high performance levels to meet the speed of industrial worksite operations, while maintaining durability in these environments, a scanner has to pack a punch – and be able to take one.

Zebra zd420 Enterprise Desktop Printer

Easy to load new ribbons and label functionality… Check.  Bluetooth? Check.

Fortinet – Enterprise Security

With Fortinet’s enterprise security hardware and software options, you have a powerful ally against threats and vulnerabilities.

WiNG Express – Zebra WLAN powered by ScanOnline

How do you function with dependable and secure connectivity within your budget without an IT department? Introducing, WiNG Express!

The Zebra ET50 & ET55 Enterprise Tablets for All Purpose Use

Zebra’s ET50/55 marries the best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features you need to increase workforce productivity, with a real business class return on your tablet investment.

Zebra’s TC75 – Enterprise Mobility for On-the-Go Workforces

Zebra Technologies’ TC75 delivers the best of both worlds — a rugged design built to handle life in the field with a full complement of enterprise-class voice and data capture features in a device that is every bit as refined and easy-to-use as consumer smartphones.

Modular Access Points, Powered by WiNG 5

The design is everything. Zebra’s Modular Access Points, powered by WiNG 5 provide greater flexibility and the highest performance levels available, spread across entire enterprises.

Zebra Label Supplies – Why Quality Matters in Business

Have you taken the time to think about the importance of utilizing quality label supplies? You should; they identify your products, assets, logistics operations and also play a vital role in the customer experience as well – mistakes can be costly.