Enterprise Mobile Device Managed Services

Enterprise Mobile Device Managed Services

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management – Vitality monitoring for your company-issued devices.

ScanOnline’s Managed Services Group extends the overall life of a workforce’s mobile handheld devices, including their range of uses within the enterprise’s work environment. The MSG team provides proactive monitoring, maintenance, security and management of devices in real-time and can also set up client maintained mobile device management (MDM) platforms if they wish to handle these same tasks.

LifeCycle Mobile – Device Management, MDM and Security Features

Proactive management is a term widely used in many fields and many industries. For businesses with a focus in modernizing their company’s wireless network and mobile device pool, or starting new all together, monitoring and managing handhelds needs to be synonymous with cost savings considerations. The better the steps taken to secure devices, update their firmware and track both users and their activity, the higher the true ROI that will be had. Plus, you’ll see the rise in revenues you always intended your efforts to yield by creating an enterprise IoT environment.

ScanOnline’s LifeCycle Mobile Managed Services packages include daily, monthly and annual support services, handled by our technicians 24-7-365.

LifeCycle Mobile Managed Services

General Maintenance – ScanOnline can provide proactive monitoring, management and maintenance, including updates and patches as needed.

Mobile Package Creation – ScanOnline will build a custom solution for your device(s) based on needs.

Theft Deterrence – Geofencing functionality is installed into your device(s) for pin-point device tracking

Network Configuration – Seamless integration of your devices into one, some, or all of your networks; your choice.

Mobile Device Management Software Configuration – Installation of MDM applications/software for client-hosted and/or managed services hosted management of device(s).

BYOD – Establishment of a BYOD strategy; controls build around company infrastructure security

  • A safety net of experts behind your devices for their optimized health
  • Downtimes, troubleshooting and frustrations mitigated
  • Project management and strategy, handled by our experienced team, partnered with you
  • Your internal IT teams can focus on revenue-generating tasks
  • Cyclical device maintenance handled on schedule, with all the necessary patches, updates, etc.
  • Continued education; we keep up with it and we’ll pass along our knowledge base to keep you frosty
  • A firm partnership – the MSG team works hand in hand with you on everything and shoulder the load of tasks behind your devices the way YOU want it

LifeCycle Mobile – Maintenance Features

Spare Pool Services – ScanOnline can ship, same day, on-reserve pre-configured spare devices from our inventory warehouse while repairs are made on devices that need service.

Repair Management – We manage the OEM Repair process for all of your OEM Devices

  • First-level diagnostics with No-Trouble-Found analysis and reporting
  • Authorized “Break/Fix” services on hardware
  • Device refurbishment
  • Guaranteed 3-day repair on most devices
  • 24/7 visibility into repair process, root causes, and repair history

Tier 2 Technical Support – For on-demand, more intensive repair orders, our Tier2 support response can be enacted at a moment’s notice. Ask about our 8/5 and 24/7 options.

  • Devices on standby ensure workers don’t go without critical handhelds
  • Repair process is professionally handled without end-user involvement
  • Troubleshooting and repairs done by subject matter experts