Fixed Industrial Scanners (FIS)

ScanOnline Fixed Industrial Scanners for Warehouses and Supply Chains

Touchless, Accurate, Automated Scanning.

Scan more inventory, capture more information, and fear less errors at the same time, with scanners that are made to handle large-scale supply chain activity

The Benefits of Using Fixed Industrial Scanners

  • More Real-Time Data Captured Per Shift
  • Enhanced Inventory Traceability
  • Easy App & System Integration = Less Onboarding Needed
  • Expedited Inbound/Outbound Shipping Speed
  • Improved Facility Audits and Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Cuts on Physical Strain and Fatigue on Staff
  • Fight the Labor Shortage; Assign Employees Where Most Needed

Fixed Industrial Scanners

Automate a number of commonly operated supply chain and manufacturing processes with a fixed industrial scanner that is meant for fast data capture

Fixed industrial scanners are what organizations turn to if they manufacture, transfer, or ship products in high volumes within their plant floors, where both speed and accuracy matter.  ScanOnline proudly offers an array of FIS solutions that couple these innovative supply chain tools with our full suite of services, to tangibly improve how work gets done.

With FIS, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers can fully identify everything coming down assembly or shipping lines in real-time, from parts to packages and entire pallets.

Fixed industrial scanners have an amazing amount of flexibility too, in that end users can integrate these tools with many of today’s available workforce applications, to share information and analytics quickly across all departments.  Besides barcode and RFID capture, images and videos can also be recorded into record, to solidify activity happening in motion.

Also worth noting – making FIS a part of your tech stack is a great way to help keep operations moving in the face of current national worker shortages.

Fixed Industrial Scanner Portfolio

The ScanOnline One Solution

The ScanOnline One Solution

All-Inclusive Hardware, Software, and Service Plans

Build a Complete Fixed Industrial Scanner Solution

  • Fixed Industrial Scanners
  • Rugged Mobile Devices, Tablets, Barcode & RFID Scanners
  • Label Printers, Accessories & Supplies
  • Installation, Configuration & Final Deployment
  • System Updates, Security Patches, & Optional Add-Ons
  • Managed Services: Proactive System Monitoring & On-Demand Support
  • Flexible Billing Options & Leasing Services Available
  • No Surprises; Bridge Your Tech Gaps Without Worry