Corporate and Office Space

Corporate and Office Space

Improve Team Collaboration – How ScanOnline Improves Offices

It’s simple – technology moves fast; corporate spaces to small office settings have long known this and have adapted well. Customers want to work with not only thought leaders in their business but also trailblazers in technology around their industry – from the shop floor to the front office.

But to stay on the bleeding edge of change, you need a forward-minded provider that makes its mark in knowing your needs before you realize them. ScanOnline can lead you to that next milestone in innovation your organization has questions towards:

  • How do we improve our networks site-wide, in terms of strength, reach, and capacity?
  • How do we continue to centralize communication and collaboration, while allowing more freedom of movement?
  • How comprehensive is our data and how do we separate the signal from the noise?
  • How agile and adaptable to change is the tech hardware we issue to our employees?
  • All in all, how will our process improvement strategies improve new business opportunities, customer retention and their overall satisfaction?

ScanOnline not only answers the above but does it with style. Front line offices route much of the action that goes on in enterprise. ScanOnline’s professional services will ensure that employees have mobility tools and networks that streamline and improve the speed at which they do business.

Office Workforce Software

  • Wasp Software – AssetNow
  • Impinj RAIN RFID
  • Extreme WirelessWing
  • SOTI Mobicontrol
  • Ivanti Avalanche

ScanOnline’s Services for Offices

  • PMP-Maintained Project Management
  • Full-Service Deployments – Design, Installation, Configuration and Testing
  • Mobile Device Managed Services
  • Wireless Network Managed Services
  • Freedom to Move – be agile to complete physical and non-physical job tasks at the point where work happens
  • Multi-Functional Hardware – our products reel in a number of operations into one device
  • All Hands On Deck – Communicate, collaborate and manage anything together, wherever you are.
  • Company Specific Data Sharing – Key in and return only data and analytics that mean something to you and your organization through our workforce specific software offerings
  • Centralized Management Processes – Unify your segmented teams through browser-based and/or cloud managed software
  • Client-Driven Support – End users, with firmware access can configure and manage their hardware in a matter of minutes.
  • Configure, Calibrate and Go – ScanOnline will stage and manage your tech to the exact specifications needed to get the most out of your critical investments
  • Industry Experience Matters – We know the ins and outs of warehousing; get on-point deployments without having to onboard us extensively on your day-to-day activities.
  • Branded, Licenced, Listeners – Our qualifications speak for themselves – from PMPs, CCNA’s, and network engineers with all the up-to-date certificates required, but it’s our attentiveness to details you care about that actually get you what you truly require.

Where Efficiency Gains Are Found

  • Faster “Speeds and Feeds” for Network Connectivity
  • Advanced Data and Information Capture Company – Visibility on All Operations
  • Reliable Communication Through a Number of Methods

Improvements in Job Task Accuracy

  • Get actionable, real-time data in any department to make critical business decisions
  • Improve product and process outcomes over time for higher revenues
  • High-performance network tech improves the speed of your business

Professional and Managed Services – Experts Matter

  • Licensed, Experienced IT Professional and Managed Services, Focused on Uptime
  • Tech Configured and Optimized for Better Performance and Stronger ROI’s over time
  • Less Downtimes, Tech Repairs Required and Maintenance/Updates Done on Schedule