Enterprise Mobility Project Services

Enterprise Mobility Project Services

Exceed the ROI on your Workforce’s Handheld Devices with our Professional Services.

You purchased mobile devices for your workforce - excellent!

But are they configured to operate around your specific environment, your employee’s workflows, industry best practices and standards?


Right out of the box, most mobile handheld devices do not operate at the level needed to truly make a difference or even fail to meet basic expectations of those who purchased them. To gain the true strengths of enterprise mobility related to your critical investments, properly configured devices upon launch are a must before they are put into circulation. The installation of new applications, calibration of settings to fit specific employee workflows, network configurations and so much more has to be done.  User training, device management and security also need to be considered before deploying your expensive capital investments.

ScanOnline’s professional project services are necessary for every enterprise that is focused on getting the most out of their mobile handheld devices. We help companies get the freedom of movement that only a wireless, mobile work environment can provide. We’ll configure and calibrate correctly your mobile devices to meet the demands of your business. Our StageMobile packages include everything you need to get up and running quickly.

  • In-House Applications/Software Loading and Licensing
  • Device-to-Wireless Network Setup
  • Factory-to-Custom Device Settings Configuration
  • Barcode Symbology Configuration
  • Security Protocol Configuration
  • Wireless Carrier Activations
  • Asset Tagging (+ configuration logging)
  • MDM Software Loading and Licensing
  • Device-to-Wireless Network Setup
  • Security Protocol Configuration
  • Administrative Training

Need Project Roll Out Services?
Want to go live with multiple devices across a number of worksites?
ScanOnline is fully capable to ready all of your devices to deploy based on your schedule, within your specific order of sites to convert, all at the time of your choosing.

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