How New Label Printers, Label Orders, and Supplies can Save Your Warehouse Thousands

How New Label Printers, Label Orders, and Supplies can Save Your Warehouse Thousands 2560 1344 ScanOnline

When looking for ways to reduce operational costs, labeling systems may often go overlooked since labels generally account for less than ten percent of total expenses. Nevertheless, without a dependable labeling system, businesses leave room for costly consequences such as:

  • Delayed deliveries
  • Inaccurate order picking
  • Bottlenecks sparking downtime
  • Premature printhead failure

When left unchecked, these issues culminate in damaged brand identity and lowered customer satisfaction rates, ultimately draining profitability. To minimize these risks, a proper labeling solution should strive to provide durable, easy to read, printed labels within every work shift at an affordable price point. This can be accomplished by focusing on the three main components of a quality labeling system:

Select a Suitable Printer for Enterprise

Facilities that maintain a high-volume of print jobs per business day will wear down desktop printers, requiring more frequent IT visits and replacements. Therefore, devices should be built specifically for enterprise usage. For example, Zebra’s industrial printers are designed to remain functional in stringent hot environments by sporting an all-metal design and rugged durability standards inside and out. A few ways to measure your printer’s competency involves…

  • Assuring faster printing speeds to avoid prolonged wait times.
  • Assessing the printer’s operating system to ensure software is consistently updated and security parameters remain effective.
  • Certifying your printers are easy to use, so new hires won’t lose productivity time while learning to connect with your printing station.

Select a Durable Label

Subpar labels harm inventory identification and damage your printer over time. Its sandpaper-like coating can scratch printheads, leaving gaps in your barcodes. Furthermore, poor adhesive and ink may leak from inferior labels within the printer, causing debris build-up and printer jams. To make matters worse, weak adhesives may cause early barcode fading and peeling, forcing workers to either reprint labels or rescan barcodes multiple times. To mitigate the effects of inferior labels, specialists recommend choosing printing supplied like Zebra’s Certified Consumables since they are:

  • Thoroughly tested to endure a myriad of harsh environments without peeling or fading
  • Customizable to always match your application and storage requirements.
  • Made with pretested materials for smoother surfaces and strong adhesives to protect your printer from interior damage.

Close Replenishment Gaps with a Trusted Partner

As demands evolve over time and new technologies become available, working alongside an experienced labeling specialist facilitates future configurations and updates. Moreover, a dedicated management service removes the burden of label replenishment and lifecycle tracking from your IT teams, so they can focus on other more important tasks.

These are just some of the ways you can approach label optimization. To further explore more options, reach out to our labeling specialists. From careful label assessments to small-scale printer evaluations, the path lowering operational costs may be simpler than previously imagined with the right knowledge and tools.