Visual Asset – The Smart Move for Complete Control of Education Assets

Visual Asset – The Smart Move for Complete Control of Education Assets 150 150 ScanOnline

(ALBEMARLE) – ScanOnline proudly introduces the second coming of asset management software program ScanAsset to market. Redeveloped as Visual Asset, ScanOnline forged a more comprehensive asset management system through years of intensive development and study of both the market tested needs of end users and the business behind higher education operations. Further, Visual Asset functions as both a stand-alone system that can wirelessly sync and operate from the cloud over the Internet – a must, based on today’s modern expectations for enterprise mobility software.

Visual Asset’s goal is to change the culture of colleges and universities to not accept asset management mediocrity to stand. Proactivity in protecting the assets schools have worked hard to procure can create yearly returns unseen from steps untried. Tracking and tracing assets is a fundamental part to ensuring audits report exceptional results..

Why Schools Shouldn’t Settle With Outdated Asset Tracking Techniques

Today’s college and university administrators understand what it’s like to do more with less. All fifty states combined are currently spending less per student than the mark which was set before the recession.  With limited, and often stretched resources, accountability for widely distributed assets is critical. Current methods for reconciling assets are often outdated and decentralized, only leading to further frustrations within a normal school week.

School officials have a dire need to track assets.  Replacing already purchased tools can be counter-productive to that goal.  Worse, reflecting these losses in mandated audits of any kind can prove detrimental to budgets and (what could be even worse) the image of any college or university.

Visual Asset can provide solutions to all of the current internal asset tracking problems school systems share. Visual Asset is a complete internal asset management solution that manages, tracks, and traces entire asset life cycles. The power of the cloud provides real-time, audit ready reports on demand.

Why perform all inventory actions from your PC?

Visual Asset will adapt to your work environment; go mobile to the inventory location as actions happen. With Visual Asset’s Mobile Application, you’ll never be held back by software that doesn’t go with you.

Familiar Layout Structure

Storage locations are unique to people and companies. Visual Asset allows users to create very specific locations as well as search through these in a user friendly drop down folder format.

Advanced Ad-Hoc Controls

Let “the grid” do the work, which allows you to create custom reports and view what data is mission critical to you. Perform a quick search to find that allusive asset!

Cloud Based Application

Why limit your access to only a rugged mobile device?  Thousands of classroom resources, from the innovative (iPads, Chromebooks, SmartBoards) to the classical (microscopes, music supplies) are currently in circulation by colleges and universities all across America.  Visual Asset shrinks the scope of supplies and counters the full size of campuses to make the process centralized, while remaining capable of going mobile.  Visual Asset give you the freedom to use your PC, Tablet or smartphone through a cloud infrastructure to access your Assets when you are unable to have mobile handheld hardware.

Event and Maintenance Scheduler

Visual Asset provides a Dashboard of Upcoming Events in a Calendar view to give you visibility into upcoming events and identify potential scheduling conflicts.  Never go without critical contract and licensing updates on assets in use.  Generate cost savings by removing overhead from pricey computer infrastructures and multiple technology updates!

Notification System

Why search for your information, when it can be delivered to you via e-Mail?Automation keeps you informed, with very little input necessary to make it work around your time frame.

Check in and Check Out Assets

Simple chain of custody is broken everyday in many organizations. Know who has your assets and when they are due back! Asset shrinkage results in SUBSTANTIAL amounts of money lost annually. Don’t let it be your organization!  For added security, levels of administrative credentials and access restrictions are available.

Complete Asset Reporting

Simply put, Visual Asset eliminates human error in the location process.  Need to know what happened months ago?  A historical archive of the statistics behind every asset’s use is compiled for accountability of past actions.  Administrators can also generate on-demand reports to satisfy audits or to meet requests of financial and/or executive personnel.

Like What You Hear?  Reach Out!

As stated, asset management needs to be taken seriously, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating, time consuming, or challenging.  ScanOnline’s team of experts can also help; ScanOnline’s collaborative of industry professionals have decades of experience.  Visual Asset is the turn-key solution for higher education asset management, but the support and constant safety net of designers, programmers and industry sales experts housed into one unit is also what you purchase.  You won’t be in touch with “customer service agents” reading from a troubleshooting script.

Visual Asset is a strong asset.  The software will help any education institution lower its total cost of ownership while increasing the utilization, availability and effectiveness of all assets.  Visual Asset is the right fit for both small and large higher education campus settings striving for operational excellence.

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