ScanOnline Launches Newly Revamped, Modern Website

ScanOnline Launches Newly Revamped, Modern Website 150 150 ScanOnline

ScanOnline(LOCUST)  ScanOnline announces today their marketing team has completed a refresh of its main web property,  The changes to the company’s web design mark the first large scale efforts in this area since 2012.

The primary reasons cited for the changes have been primarily around a restructuring of ScanOnline’s offerings, but they also include a consensus desire for a more contemporary look.  Improvements have been made to give the site more user friendly options, such as free downloads of helpful ScanOnline resources and a media center which aggregates the company’s social media/blog activity into one place.  The amount of total pages on ScanOnline’s new site has been reduced from the previous total from over 20, to just 9, which makes navigating the site a much easier task.

Upon opening the new webpage, visitors will be greeted with high definition imagery of the company’s 3 core offerings:  Enterprise Wireless, NTI Solutions (ScanOnline’s software division), and Managed Services.  The entire page itself follows this pattern, as it defines a clear focus of ScanOnline’s future in enterprise mobile technologies, wireless infrastructures, software solutions development, professional and managed services.  From the custom artistry of the “Our Body of Work” section and enterprise mobility technology collage to the skyline backdrop of Charlotte, NC, the final product is at the very least eye pleasing.

All in all, ScanOnline has been pushing the envelope in it’s website strategy and design over the last year.  Within that time, 4 sites have been created: NTI Solutions (, asset/inventory management software solution QuarterMaster ( and ARC, a Manufacturing Execution System (  ARC and QuarterMaster’s sites both feature impressive video headers that live on “the top of the fold” of the sites, whereas NTI Solutions takes a minimalist, yet crisp approach that fits a software development organization.

After a long year of work towards the entirety of these projects, Jeff Goldstein, Marketing Manager and leader in web development had this to say:

“The key component to our website development strategy has been in keeping just enough uniformity between all of our sites to show ScanOnline as the holistic brand that unites them.  Yet, all the while we have been cognizant of how the individual site’s content will support each product/division solely.  Everything you do today on page, in code and in thought influences tomorrow from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standpoint.  It’s equally critical we get that right.  We have built around those objectives a unique user experience for our visitors; one that keeps it simple and doesn’t ignore the practical, commonly-known functionality of today’s websites many have come to expect.”

ScanOnline welcomes you to draw your own opinion.  See the new ScanOnline website here.