Tracking Success; Pickler to Build on the ScanOnline Brand

Tracking Success; Pickler to Build on the ScanOnline Brand 150 150 ScanOnline


What is a workforce solution to you?

To Owner and President Lee Pickler, it has meant a number of things over the years.  Though running a system automation company was Pickler’s first start, his current, ScanOnline has a much different face.  ScanOnline provides enterprise wireless and mobile workforce solutions for manufacturers and transportation and logistics companies.

Working with a barcode manufacturer is where Lee began to see the value in providing solutions with new technologies. “We wrote applications to collect data and export the information to open systems such as Microsoft Excel.” Pickler recalls.

The way information was tracked couldn’t tell a story.

Pickler clearly thought there had to be a better way. Bridging the installation of barcode hardware and integrating more complex solutions around its capabilities became Lee’s ambition.

“We wanted to provide complete solutions for our customers. Companies of all sizes, such as Lexmark were looking for total data collection solutions.” noted Lee.

With that, ScanOnline was born. What Pickler once started with a cumulative few has transformed into a team of expert IT developers, programmers, and seasoned sales representatives all of whom come from backgrounds across the U.S.  “(ScanOnline) has a great leadership team.  Amy (Herlocker), Brian (Graves) and Mason (Stallings) collectively have a focus of where they want to go and are all focused on providing the best solutions to our customers.”  States Pickler.

Fast forward to today; ScanOnline is taking its tagline to the next level.  Under Pickler’s guidance, competitive steps in the creation of intellectual property have given the company footing over its competitors, especially in industry vertical specific software.  “Focus in a niche industry has a great upside.”  Said Pickler.  ScanOnline currently spotlights manufacturing, distributing and warehousing, but is also making great strides in education, healthcare and law enforcement.

This niche mentality can be seen in ScanOnline’s software program Quartermaster – Inventory Management for Law Enforcement.  Established by Lynn Stone of San Diego, CA Quartermaster is a barcode tracking software, which caters solely to managing the assets and inventory of law enforcement. Interest has grown from offices across the country. Lee seems optimistic that the appeal will only give rise to advances in Quartermaster through feedback from user experiences, making it a relevant software for many years to come. “Being able to focus on future development can bring products to next level.” Pickler remarks. “Taking advantage of mobility can enhance and make a successful application an even better solution.”

Lee also plans to continue these strategies with two other programs already in the wings; Mobile PacMan – a package tracking solution and soon-to-be released Visual Asset – an Internal Asset Management software program. Both utilize handheld rugged mobile computers and an accompanying web portal for a complete, hands on approach to controlling accountability of in-house tools.

Enterprise Cabling Services, led by Donny Hood, allows ScanOnline to offer a complete enterprise wireless solution from design to installation. This part of the business focuses on wireless infrastructure solutions, which greatly helps ScanOnline’s overall portfolio.  With that move the company boast the abilities to supply full implementation of critical data backbone through wireless networking, hardware and software.  “The ability to provide the right infrastructure, the right hardware and the right software for a mobile workforce was important.” Claims Pickler. “We want to provide solutions to business the way companies do business.  If there is no solution in the marketplace, you build it to their need.”

As a company, ScanOnline is aggressively becoming an industry leader through Pickler’s watch.  This also extends into serving others in his community.  ScanOnline recently made a $10,000 contribution to Stanly Community College toward programs that will produce graduates able to perform advanced manufacturing and automation jobs at a high level. Lee’s organization has also given aid to Piedmont Community College in addition to charities employees are involved in, such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Pickler likes committing funds to “local charities that employees are invested in and dear to the heart.”

The multitude of services provided gives way to the idea of ScanOnline being the one-stop-shop for the data management needs of almost any company. Not to mention, Lee is constantly looking at ways to keep his brand refreshed. “Micro location devices” are something he notes to keep an eye on. Pickler also has an important, noble future goal for ScanOnline:

“As jobs come back (to the United States), we want to be able to provide mobile workforce solution to collect, and gather information that provides actionable results to line workers and managers to meet goals. Make jobs better with less. This is where the U.S. will have an advantage.”


About ScanOnline:

ScanOnline is an enterprise wireless and mobility solutions company that focuses on improving workplace workflow. ScanOnline does this by empowering clients through an array of data collection solutions for capturing accurate mission critical data.  Some industries represented include education, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing and warehousing/distribution.  Learn more at or call (704) 983-1495 for more information.

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