Services Spotlight: Larrick Rose, Managed Services Group

Services Spotlight: Larrick Rose, Managed Services Group 300 189 ScanOnline

It isn’t hard to see why Larrick Rose is one of the most well liked employees at the office. His calm temperament in any situation carries over into all that he does to support our valued customers with their remote tech needs and expectations as one of the leaders of the Managed Services Group.

As a Tier 2 Managed Support Technician, often times when service tickets arrive, the person on the other line is in need of quick resolution.  A critical update, notice of unusual network traffic or a necessary device configuration may need to be completed to improve performance.  On the other end, wireless and mobile tech, since the very beginning of their emergence worldwide, is known to go down unannounced no matter how well you plan ahead… and often without reason.

It is Larrick’s job to be the change agent for such incidents and requests, by finding the root cause to downtimes and/or questionable activity, eliminating in the process operational and work-life stresses.  Rose is incredibly equipped to do the job, with the knowledge base and a customer focused approach behind him to walk through a comprehensive process that identifies the next steps to resolve matters.

Whether operating on a 9 to 5 schedule or not as a business, some departments are still in motion after hours, with others working long into the early morning, and many even plugging away 24/7.  The Managed Services Group at ScanOnline is fully capable of monitoring and managing WLAN and enterprise mobile devices, among other hardware (like printers) 24/7 as well, staying reliable at a moment’s notice.  What set this MSG group apart from others is their undeniable dedication to persevere at odd hours yes, but it’s how each team member takes a genuine interest in the customer’s needs and expectations, no matter the conditions or circumstances in front of them that’s the difference.

Larrick embodies these qualities.  Not to mention, Rose is a flagship employee of the MSG team and one of the first to tackle earlier morning shifts regularly, which lasts typically until noon.  As time passed and the MSG team grew in numbers, Rose’s schedule has shifted a bit, but he still continues (and enjoys) working into the daylight.  Larrick tirelessly keeps up to code with any and all best practices surrounding his role, as continuing education will always remain a critical initiative.  Moreover, Larrick is meticulous in this way, as he invest time on and off the clock to stay current with the ever-evolving needs of customers.

If you stop into our Locust office, be sure to meet Larrick in the Managed Services Lab.

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