Services Spotlight: Roger Spaulding, Professional Services

Services Spotlight: Roger Spaulding, Professional Services 3006 5344 ScanOnline

Roger Spaulding is the type of technician you’re hopeful to find with every hire, but the reality is, he’s one of a kind.  Spaulding is the team leader as the senior field engineer for ScanOnline and with that comes a certain level of flexibility many techs in other organizations do not have; all are expected to be up to speed technically, but when you also share leadership roles, you have to be at the top of your class among colleagues across all providers.

Why do we think so highly of Roger?  Think about the intangibles…

The life of a wireless network field engineer is ever evolving; from a technology standpoint, the “latest and greatest” in WLAN rarely sits on a tall pedestal for long.  Staying abreast in continuing education initiatives are as much of the fabric of the job as growing current capabilities. It can’t be underscored the logistics behind the position either – there’s extensive travel involved, not to mention the unpredictable nature of wireless, where techs need to be mobilized to pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

With a passion for seeing new places, projects that test his abilities and serving others, Roger has the baseline attributes needed to be successful.  His technical savvy is, in the end though why he is the perfect fit to lead.  Spaulding conducts training for all of the professional services technicians employed both in a formal setting, such as annual or semi-annual meetings at our HQ in Locust, while serving as an invaluable mentor to others while on the road.  Even with all that he has accomplished, it is the challenges that each and every project provide him that keep him going.  Any wireless LAN technician will tell you, it’s rare to find worksites that are exactly the same, unless they are within the same organization, but even then there are intricacies specific only to that location.



The more complex something is, the more it challenges me, the more satisfying my work becomes. I love traveling, and working from the road. It is always something new and different. It never gets dull and boring.”

– Roger Spaulding

Before working for the company, Spaulding has held a number of additional related positions, including with larger organizations at the start of the wireless revolution.  From that time until now, he has crisscrossed the country on well over a thousand wireless LAN projects and tasks.  Though sometimes Roger may find himself flipping the switch on a limited number of access points, he can also be seen as the pivot man in full scale wireless network infrastructure builds within large, multi-use facilities in our nation’s most well respected corporations.

For sometime even before being a full time employee, Spaulding worked as an independent contractor for ScanOnline.  Between his skill set, familiarity with ScanOnline’s mission and its staff, it was a natural fit to bring Spaulding on when ScanOnline decided to establish a permanent professional services team within the company’s umbrella of offerings.

Ask any strong competitor and they’ll tell you the real value behind wireless professional services providers is in its people.  There are many engineers that embody the technical prowless to be good at what they do, but it’s other qualities that make one well rounded – reliability and dedication are the first words to come to mind when thinking about Roger.  Then there’s Roger the person.  All in all, no matter the circumstances, Roger is the kind of guy you want to be around, even when things don’t go his way, or unexpected outcomes come about.  His sense of humor alone keeps things light, especially in worksites that could be featured on the next episode of “Dirty Jobs”.

So the next time you need a hand with all things wireless, just know you’ll be in good hands well before Roger comes walking through your door.